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Rear Spoiler - Fitting/Removal/Problems

The standard rear spoiler on your Corsa is held on with 4 bolts and some double sided adhesive tape. To remove this, you will need to open the hatch and undo the 4 nuts on the underside of the spoiler. Closing the hatch, you can now pull the old one off. Bear in mind that it is also stuck on, so may require some extra effort to pull it off. Your washer jet is an integral part of the factory spoiler and must also be removed, leaving a pipe sticking out of a hole in the bodywork.

Depending on which replacement spoiler you have bought will depend on fitting options. Most replacements fix on using the existing 4 holes left by your old one, or they simply bond on to the body without using any holes (handy if you never had a spoiler to start with.)

As mentioned earlier, to remove your OEM spoiler, you had to remove the washer jet. Some spoiler kits come with a replacement jet to fit in the hole, and some don't. If your choice doesn't come with one, don't panic as there is a cheap and simple fix. Nip to your local Vauxhall and order a rear washer jet for around 70p. This will not fit direct into your square hole as it is made for a round one. Trim the sides down with a craft knife so that it neatly fits the hole, and your problem is solved.

Grille Replacement - Upper

Replacing the upper grille on your Corsa requires a major piece of plastic surgery. There only a few different grilles available and all of them require you to cut out the old 'V' grille. They come with detailed instructions that are easy to follow, but don't expect to just unclip and replace.

A guide has been written to simplify the process


Grille Replacement - Lower

Replacing the lower grille on Your Corsa is quite straight forward. You will need to remove the front bumper (**Link to Bumper Guide**) before you start and then using a craft/Stanley knife cut away the plastic welds. Lift out the old and refit the new grille.

A guide has been written to simplify the process

Grille Guide

How do I lower my car?

Your Corsa can be lowered in many ways. The cheapest and easiest way it to replace the springs in your current suspension set up to give your car a lower look and firmer ride. There are many Spring Manufacturers incl Apex, Eibach, Pi, etc that do spring kits for the Corsa C. There are often two different kits for the Corsa, depending which model you have. For example, Eibach do a 790kg Kit for the 1.0 to 1.4 Engined models, and a 890kg kit for the 1.7 Diesel and 1.8 Petrol Engines. The reason for this is because of the extra weight in the bigger engines, and the springs are made to absorb this without affecting the ride quality. Get this wrong and your car either won't be any lower, or you will have no softness in the ride and are likely to feel every bump in the road.

You can lower your car a maximum of 40mm using just springs without having to change the struts.

Suspension Kits (Springs & Dampers)
There are several companies that sell complete kits to replace your existing suspension set up. These kits allow you to tailor the quality as well as extending the distance you can lower to 60mm. Again, there are different kits for different models, choose carefully.

Coilover kits are fully adjustable suspension kits that allow you to set the height and ride quality that you want. The adjustment is often a simple twist away, meaning you can have a 30mm drop one day and a 60mm drop the next. It all depends on what you want, and you can set it without the need for a trip to the garage!

Airbag suspension allows you to adjust your ride height with the help of a remote control box. You can take it to the floor if you wish to go that far down!

I have 17" Wheels. If I lower my car, will it rub?

The most likely cause of rubbing is the wheels being the wrong offset.

If your wheels are between et42-45 you are guaranteed no rubbing even down 40mm.

Only low offsets like et40 or et38 will have problems, but not always. Remember the offset (et value) is a measurement in mm so some people can get away with it while others can't due to the tolerances on manufacture, but stick to et40-49 and you are most likely to be free of any problems at 30mm with 17" wheels

How much does it cost to colour code my car?

This is one of the many times asked questions that really doesn't have one answer. Depending on where you live, the prices vary, this is also true of the garage doing the work. The best thing to do is visit a couple of local garages in your area and examine their work. If it's good, then get a quote and head on to the next place.

You will soon see the differences in price and quality.

Sometimes you hit lucky on cheap and good, but there's usually a trade off!

How do I debadge my car?

The best way to debadge your car is explained in the tutorial here

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